Pozitif Liderlik

IPPA’nın sunduğu Pozitif Liderlik Stratejileri programı Türkçe ve İngilizce olarak Türkiye’de veya yönettiğiniz uluslararası bölge çalışanları için verilmektedir.

How can we bring out the best in others within our organization, as both human beings and as contributors to the organization?

2. POSITIVE MEANING & PURPOSE | Purpose & Passion
How do we identify a higher purpose for our business? How do we infuse this into our organization?

How do we cultivate attributes such as generosity, forgiveness, and compassion in our organization? What is the relationship between these attributes and organizational performance? How do we inspire people toward doing “more good,” not simply “less bad?”

4. POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS | Positive Persuasion
How do we create energizing, generative relationships in our workplace?

5. POSITIVE CULTURE | Problem Solving & Pathways
How do we build high-performing cultures of thriving (high degrees of learning and vitality)? How do we build high-performing cultures of flourishing (positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment)?

Pursuit: Developing oneself & others | Purpose & Passion: Cultivating a vision for oneself and others | People & Place: Creating a context where people can flourish | Problem Solving: Testing and tracing the changing situation | Positive Persuation: Getting people on board | Pathways: Getting there from here